API Reference


audioSongs' information. Could be a single object or an array of objects"Audio name"Title of the song
audio.artist"Audio artist"Artist name of the song. Either a string or be an object containing artist's name and homepage URL."Audio artist"Artist name of the song.
audio.artist.urlArtist homepage URL. If specified, artist name displayed on the player will be a link to that URL.
audio.urlUrl of the media source to play
audio.coverUrl of the album cover image
audio.lrcLyrics of the song in raw LRC format
audio.themeOverride theme color for this song. See theme prop for theme color explanation
theme"#ebd0c2"Theme color of the player that applies to progress bar, volume control bar and playlist marker.
appearance"normal"Appearance of the player. Either "normal" or "fixed". See fixed mode (opens in a new tab).
autoPlaySee autoplay attribute of <audio> element (opens in a new tab)
volume0.7Initial volume of the player.
initialLoop"all"Initial loop mode of the player
initialOrder"list"Initial playlist order of the player
listMaxHeight250Playerlist max height